ABC Factors’ Domestic Factoring services are offered to companies with corporate headquarters in Greece that sell products or provide services on open account to debtors in the Greek market.

ABC Factors, having long standing experience in managing and collecting trade receivables in most of the sectors of the Greek economy, following their transaction practices, has developed an experienced team of executives, an extensive database and advanced informational systems in order to assess the buyers’ credibility and communicate effectively with them, while providing full feedback to the Sellers regarding the collection process of their trade receivables.

Offering the option to discount the assigned receivables, ABC Factors will provide additional liquidity to the Seller, a meaningful contribution to a more efficient trading cycle.

Furthermore, the Seller is offered the option of covering the credit risk of debtors, completing the range of services offered by ABC Factors as one stop-shop.

Please select one of the following links, in order to find information about the special characteristics of the Domestic Factoring services offered by ABC Factors:

Domestic Factoring with Recourse

Domestic Factoring without Recourse

Invoice Discounting

Accounts Receivables Control, Management and Collection

Reverse Factoring